SliTaz Roadmap

SliTaz roadmap provides guidelines to the next SliTaz Stable release. We use
our Mercurial repo to collaborate on the roadmap. All tasks are added and edited
in releases/[slitaz-release] and then committed to Hg. Any tasks can have a wiki
page link, description with HTML code, etc. Each release also has a goals.html
page with the summary of goals to the next release.

All contributors are welcome to collaborate and add themselves to the PEOPLE 
variable of a task. The optional release task Wiki should be created under
the space name en:releases:slitaz-release:task-name, example:
All the tasks are in the SliTaz Mercurial repositories under the slitaz-forge repo.
To clone the repos and collaborate on tasks you can clone the roadmap with:

	hg clone

Task configuration format
As usual, keep it simple and something most people know about: a config file ;-)
Bugs refer to the bug number on separated by space.

# SliTaz task

TASK="Update full Toolchain"