Release: 6.0

Tasks: 3 in total - 1 finished - 2 todo


Tasks lists are ordered by priority. Please read the README for more information about the SliTaz Roadmap web interface and Hg repo.


Release 6.0 in 2017 - Overall improvment and polishment. Bunch of home made features and tools such as TazPanel, Cookutils, Tazbox.

Tasks List: TODO

Publish a new Cooking and RCs

People    : All

Publish new RC's then fix latest bugs then go for stable 6.0

Publish a new Cooking and RCs

People    : All

Write the release notes for stable 6.0 on the wiki first then in
static HTML to be include in slitaz-doc package.

Tasks List: DONE

Add a bunch of new packages

People    : All

As of Feb 2017 we have 5276 packages, which is very nice!