Release: 4.0

Tasks: 2 in total - 2 finished - 0 todo


Tasks lists are ordered by priority. Please read the README for more information about the SliTaz Roadmap web interface and Hg repo.


Release 4.0 in March 2012 - New packages build bot and tools, better project organization. Bunch of new packages and use the russian dolls as default Live system.

Tasks List: TODO

All done.

Tasks List: DONE

Update full Toolchain

People    : Pankso

Write the Release Notes

People    : Pankso, Claudinei, Paul, Bellard, Erjo, Christian, Domcox

When relnotes are finished, we commit them to slitaz-doc and
to the list for translation. Then we commit a copy for the SliTaz Website
documentation section.