Release: 5.0

Tasks: 13 in total - 13 finished - 0 todo


Tasks lists are ordered by priority. Please read the README for more information about the SliTaz Roadmap web interface and Hg repo.


Release 5.0 in March 2014 - Port To ARM platform, massively add and update packages. Be even more fast and light. Take care about old hardware compatibility.

Improve GUI and use /lib/ in all tools. Focus on the most used triplet: tazpkg, tazlito and tazusb. Remove gtkdialog and all boxes using it and rewrite boxes using Yad or Vala.

Tasks List: TODO

All done.

Tasks List: DONE

Add x86_64 Support

People    : Shann

Build Binutils, Glibc and GCC for x86_64 and cook x86_64 version

20140222 - We have a custom build env and linux64 packages. We will
have only this X86_64 support for 5.0 and may do better for 6.0

ARM port

People    : pankso

Port SliTaz base to ARM v6. So SliTaz can be used on the
Raspberry Pi and other ARM based devices. The SliTaz base ARM port
can also be used to build an unofficial SliTaz version.

We provide several tools to handle ARM arch such as cross from
the Cookutils repo and sat from the SliTaz ARM repo

More hardware support

People    : Bellard

Better hardware support via many more Linux Kernel modules

Publish a new Cooking and RCs

People    : All

Publish a new cooking then fix latest bugs then go for RCs!

Make Tazweb modular

People    : All

Hard to do via CGI in user space:
Allow packages to install/remove .cgi files and make menu changes to Tazweb

But TazWeb is now modular via cmdline switches such as --notoolbar --kiosk

Add option to use the 3.x kernel series

People    : All

5.0 will have a 3.2.53 kernel

Update full Toolchain

People    : Pankso

Update Binutils, Glibc and GCC

Add a bunch of new packages

People    : All

As of 8 Jan 2014 we have 4190 packages, which is very nice!

Code a new Burn Box using Vala or Yad

People    : pankso

In 5.0 will not have gtkdialog anymore. So we must port all
boxes to Yad, Vala or TazPanel. For burn-box we should use GTK not CGI.

Have CPU freq scaling working

People    : All

Include CPU freq scaling tools and linux modules

Play html5 videos in Midori/Firefox (feature or add-on package)

People    : All domcox

For Flash Player releases after 11.2, the Flash Player browser 
plug-in for Linux will only be available as part of the Google Chrome 
browser and will no longer be available as a direct download from Adobe 
Futhermore,  Adobe will no longer continue to develop Flash Player for 
mobile devices. Html5 videos:

Add frontend to pppd in Tazweb

People    : domcox

I guess it's fine in TazPanel via a cgi script.

Use XDG standards to auto start applications

People    : pankso

Actually we start desktop applications via Openbox
script, but it's not portable and we need custom start scripts for
each WM. Using XDG standards will let us have some start applications
for all installed WM.

For LXDE I think we'll use LXSession and LXSession-edit. Razorqt is
standards compliant as well as XFCE. They will use files in

/etc/xdg/autostart and ~/.config/autostart

To make XDG work we also need to export some variables at session start,
and so to manage these vars and non compliant WM we should have a 
slitaz-xdg script.